Abu Dhabi installs solar-powered speed cameras

Abu Dhabi has installed a series of new solar-powered speed cameras that will come into operation on Tuesday.

The 17 cameras have been placed in the E14 road, from Seih Al Sudairi tunnel to Al Faqa intersection in both directions.

The speed on the road is 80kph and cameras will detect speeding motorists driving at 101kph, while truck drivers will have to limit speed to under 81kph.

The locations of the cameras are based on previous accidents on the E14, according to Brig Ali Al Dhaheri, director-general of central operations at Abu Dhabi Police.

“Abu Dhabi Police is keen to improve traffic safety in the emirate, it’s part of the efforts to reduce the number of road traffic fatalities and accidents and to make roads safer,” said Al Dhaheri.

As well as speeding, the cameras will also be able detect tailgating and those who drive on the hard shoulders.

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