Bahrain accuses Iran of sheltering fugitives

Iran has become a haven for anyone who commits an offence and is wanted for justice, Bahrain’s interior minister has said.

“Iran has transgressed international conventions and norms and has no commitment to the Interpol or its Red Notices. It has set itself above the law and offers its land and camps to train terrorists and export weapons and explosives,” Shaikh Rashid Bin Abdullah Al Khalifa said.

 The minister was speaking on Wednesday in Algiers where he led Bahrain’s delegation to the 35th session of the Arab Interior Ministers Council.

Shaikh Rashid said that Iran’s unconventional behavior was well documented and based on solid evidence.

“The Iranian interference in our internal affairs takes various forms that include investments to provide cash in Bahrain to promote its power through individuals or organisations, or to give it to those committing acts of terror,” he said.

“The Iranian schools work to promote the Persian culture and lay the groundwork for the youth who believe in the principles of the Khomeini Revolution and the Guardianship of the Islamic Jurist (Wilayat Al Faqih) and thus remain loyal to Iran.

The culture of sectarianism and extremism is spread on the excuse of protecting Shiites against the spirit of nationalism through the control of charity organisations and religious centres (Hawzat).”

Such actions create a base for extremists loyal to the Iranian leadership that includes all sections of society, men and women, politicians, religious scholars, capitalists, professionals, writers and media personalities, he added.

“Iran had wanted to ignite a sectarian crisis, but by the grace of God we did not give it any opportunity to achieve its dangerous goal though their plots to achieve their aims are long-term ones. We have dealt with their interference at various levels through the solidarity and cooperation of all.”

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