Why Indians will be Dubai’s top foreign realty investors

The real estate industry in Dubai has become one of the most lucrative, transparent and secure property markets in the world.

The Dubai Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) presented a model of inspiration for Indian authorities to reform their own regulatory framework in 2016.

Dubai’s RERA currently offers the best protection for investors in the real estate sector. So much so, that property developers are deprived of the right to access investors’ money deposited in escrow accounts without permission from RERA, a surveyors’ site inspection and a progress report.

This was a primary draw for Indian investors in Dubai.

Dubai offers 7-8% rental return per annum, compared to 2-3% in most metropolises in the world, which means an investor could recover the entire investment in 12-13 years through lease or rent.

These investments yield higher returns compared to similar properties in metropolitan cities in India. Even with a high dollar rate and the Indian rupee trading low, some of these investment opportunities are unbeatable and can help an investor acquire a high yielding property vis–a-vis investment in out-of-city locations in India.

The entire process of property purchase in Dubai is simplified and does not require a lawyer to complete at any developer’s or government approved Trustee.

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